Stunning White Diamond Wedding Rings for Your Special Day

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The Most Beautiful White Diamond Wedding Rings for Your Special Day

Is your wedding day just around the corner? If so, it’s time to think about what kind of rings you want to wear. There are many options when it comes to selecting the perfect Mens Diamond Wedding Rings; however, one thing is true: all of our favorite diamond and gemstone designs are stunning! In this article we’ll share our favorite style trends for 2018 so you can find the most beautiful white diamond wedding rings for your special day!

Vintage-Inspired Lattice Diamond Wedding Band

The lattice diamond wedding band is a beautiful and delicate design that was popular during the Victorian era. The ring is made from diamonds that are set in an intricate pattern of small diamonds, creating a look that is both sophisticated and feminine.

The lattice diamond wedding band originated in England during the early 19th century, but it didn’t really take off until later on when European royalty started wearing this style of jewelry as part of their outfits.

There’s no doubt about it: diamonds are girl’s best friend! They symbolize love and commitment between couples who want to show how much they care about each other by wearing these beautiful pieces around their wrists or necks every day so they can always remember how much they love each other no matter where they go together (or apart).

Art Deco-Style Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This ring is a beautiful example of Art Deco-style diamond halo engagement rings. It features a 1/2 carat round brilliant cut diamond, set in 14K white gold with a halo setting and ring size 6.5

  • The Art Deco-style White Diamond Wedding Rings has been said to be the most popular option for brides who want to make their big day something truly memorable. The simple yet elegant design makes it easy to wear every day, while its timeless beauty can help you look back on your wedding day years from now as one of the best days ever!

Modern Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire

The modern style of the round brilliant cut diamond solitaire is perfect for those who are looking for something classic and elegant. This ring has a classic look that will never go out of style, but also stands out from other wedding bands in its class.

The 0.5 carat stone is SI1 clarity, which means it’s very clean and clear with no imperfections visible to the naked eye. The G color grade gives this diamond an intense shine when set in white gold metal (14k), making it an attractive choice for everyday wear as well as special occasions like weddings or anniversaries!

Antique-Style Diamond and Filigree Bridal Set

You’ll fall in love with this ring. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and classic design, with a modern twist. The antique-style diamond set in filigree detail is gorgeous on your finger, as it catches the light from every angle—and you’ll be able to show off its beauty throughout your wedding day.

The ring measures approximately 10mm wide by 9mm tall (at its widest point), which means it will fit most fingers comfortably when worn alone or stacked with other rings for maximum effect!

This piece was handmade using high quality materials by skilled artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship; each stone was carefully hand cut from a single block of natural diamonds without any cutting or polishing done to them at all.

Radiant Cut Diamond and Beaded Milgrain Band

You can choose a radiant cut diamond or a princess cut diamond. The radiant cut has a lot of light coming in from the sides, while the princess cut has less light coming in from the sides and more light coming through it. Both of these stones will be considered brilliant because they sparkle and catch your eye.

If you want an engagement ring that looks like an oval diamond (the kind you see on your favorite celebrities), then go with something called cushion shaped or bezel set diamonds. These are smaller than round diamonds but still large enough for eternity rings!

Princess Cut Diamond and Pave Setting Band

Princess cut diamonds are the most popular diamond cuts. It’s a square-shaped diamond with a pointed crown and culet, which is the bottom tip of the stone. The princess cut can be found in many shapes and sizes, including round (diamonds), oval, pear/pear shape and marquise.

The princess cut has a very elegant look to it because it has such smooth edges that flow into each other perfectly when viewed from above or below. This makes your band stand out among others because it looks like something straight out of a fairy tale storybook!

Pear Shape Diamond and Twist Shank Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, but if you want to make sure that your partner will always be reminded of how special you are, then pear shape diamonds and twist shank engagement rings are a good choice. Pear shape diamonds have an oval shape that tapers from top to bottom, while twist shanks give off an illusion of movement as they move around on the band.

Pear shaped diamonds also come in different sizes depending on what type of setting you choose:

  • Round brilliant cut: Large round brilliant cuts have less weight than other cuts because they don’t have any facets around their edge; this makes them ideal for women who want something simple yet elegant
  • Emerald cut: An emerald cut diamond has two sides – one side is flat against another faceted face (like an emerald), so there isn’t much difference between these two types except for size; however this type tends to cost more money because its price depends upon how much work went into creating it!

Asscher Cut Diamond with Channel Setting Band

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They’re forever, and they’re also one of the most beautiful Diamond Wedding Rings On Sale you can buy for yourself or your wife/girlfriend. The Asscher cut diamond with channel setting band is one of our favorites because it has so much character; its unique shape makes it stand out against other jewels on your hand. While this ring may be expensive at $12000 (that’s right—$120k!), you’ll never regret spending that much money on something so special!

Marquis Cut Diamond and Emerald Accent Band

The Marquis Cut Diamond and Emerald Accent Band is the perfect addition to your wedding ring set. This band features two marquis-shaped diamonds that sit atop a layer of emeralds, which are a birthstone for May.

The emerald is one of the most valued varieties of beryl (a gemstone) and as such can be used as an alternative to diamonds or rubies in terms of color intensity and saturation—if you want to go with something more subtle than black diamonds or rubies but still want something bright enough that it’ll stand out on your finger! It also represents wisdom and good fortune—a wise choice during this time when people tend not only focus on themselves but also those around them: “Let us all look back upon our lives together now with fondness,” says poet William Shakespeare in his famous sonnet 14 (“Shall I compare thee?”).

Cushion Cut Diamond and Bezel Setting Bridal Set

This elegant and modern take on the classic solitaire ring features a cushion cut diamond in the center, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. The band is also diamond encrusted with an intricate pattern that makes it look like it has been carved from stone. The bezel setting around the stone gives it a vintage look that will match any wedding theme you choose for your big day!

The Cushion Cut Diamond Bridal Set can be made in any size or shape you like, as well as having multiple hues available for each gemstone (see below). If you prefer something more subtle than white gold or platinum but still want something classic and timelessly elegant, this style might just be what you’re looking for!

With the right Wedding Rings For Women, you can express your love for each other in a beautiful way. White diamonds are a traditional choice for bridal jewelry and diamond rings, but there are many more options for wedding bands as well! With so many choices at your fingertips, you’ll find something that fits perfectly with your style and budget. Whichever ring or set of rings you choose from our collection, we hope you enjoy the memories of wearing them together for years to come!

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