Timeless Wedding Rings for Women

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Women’s Classic Wedding Rings

The best time to buy Wedding Rings Online is when you’re engaged. After that, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re looking for and end up with something that doesn’t fit or feel right. We’ve got plenty of options from which to choose in this section!

Marquise-cut Solitaire

The marquise-cut solitaire is a classic wedding ring design, available in all metals and styles. The marquise-cut solitaire is a great choice for women who want a classic style that can be worn for years to come, as well as those who are looking for something with more character than the traditional round or square diamond engagement rings.

The Marquise Cut Solitaire Ring from Skingold Jewelers offers all of this and more! We have many different variations of this popular ring style so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for: antique gold, rose gold and platinum; along with white gold options if you prefer something lighter in hue but still durable enough to last through your lifetime together (and beyond).

Pave Diamond Band

When it comes to diamond bands, pave diamonds are the most popular. They are also the most expensive and durable, making them an excellent choice if you want your ring to last a lifetime.

Pave diamond bands have a smooth surface that glistens in different light settings, such as candlelight or evening sun rays. The diamonds are set into an intricate pattern on each side of this ring’s band–the center is left open so that you can customize your own stone(s) by choosing any size from 0 through J/K stones up to 5 ct. This means that whatever looks best on you will be highlighted by these unique designs!

Pave diamonds are rarer than traditional round brilliant cut stones due their unique appearance: they’re created using thousands of small facets which create incredible sparkle when viewed up close!

Eternity Band with Diamonds

The Eternity Band with Diamonds is a custom design and you can choose your own diamonds. The band itself is made up of two rows of diamonds that run across the center of the ring, one row on each side. The center diamond has a smaller diamond on either side of it, so it looks like a pattern as opposed to one large stone at the top or bottom. This style has been popular for many years now, but still remains one of our favorites!

Vintage-Style Engraved Band

  • *Vintage-style engraving: In this style, the ring is engraved with a personal message or design. The engraving is done by hand and not computerized like some other styles of rings can be. This means that your wedding band will have more character than one that has been stamped out by machine!
  • *Metal: The metal used for your Wedding Rings Sets should be high quality gold or platinum (or both). If you’re looking for something less expensive but still classy, sterling silver would also work well in this type of setting.
  • *Platinum vs Gold vs Silver: Platinum tends to fade over time whereas gold stays bright and shiny forever; however, if you’d prefer something with more shine than longevity then choose silver instead – it’s less expensive too!

Bezel-Set Diamond Band

Bezel-set diamond rings are a type of ring that has a bezel set diamond. This means the diamond itself is surrounded by metal, which can be gold or platinum. Bezel-set diamonds are typically less expensive than other types of engagement rings and make for an elegant yet affordable way to add sparkle to your engagement ring.

Bezel-set diamond rings can also be made in any metal, including gold and platinum (platinum is the most expensive option).

Channel-Set Diamond Band

The channel-set diamond band is a popular choice for women. The ring is made of white gold, which means it can be sized to fit any finger–there will be no need for resizing. The band also has a smooth finish and high polish, making it friendly on the skin.

The channel set diamond ring setting is versatile: you can wear it with or without stones by selecting the appropriate size and metal combination in the dropdown menu above the images.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

A three-stone engagement ring is a great way to show your love for your partner, and the earth. Three stones are often thought of as representing past, present and future–and they can also symbolize unity through time.

The diamond is an ancient symbol of purity and eternity; it has been used since ancient times as a symbol of hope and purity of heart. The sapphire represents faithfulness, strength and loyalty in marriage; it also brings out the blue in your eyes! Lastly we have our beautiful yellow emerald which brings out this beauty’s sunny disposition!

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your next Wedding Rings For Women. Whether it be a large ring or a small one, you want something that will last for years to come and add shine to your wedding day. Ladies, make sure to get the right fit for your finger size!

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